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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Holy Huggables, Batman!!

I know, I cannot believe this either. Whomever thought making a Huggable Jesus was a good idea needs to be smacked. The BEST part is that you can also buy a Huggable Moses or Queen Esther too!! Regardless of your religious persuasion, you have to admit that this is pretty freakin' funny!!

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"A great NEW toy for any child. Each Jesus, Moses, or Queen Esther doll gives actual scripture verses to introduce children of all ages to the wisdom of the Bible. These 12 inch dolls are easily activated by squeezing their red hearts. Send a loved one more than just a toy send them a gift that will help shape their future."

Barber shop meets Hip-hop...

Seriously, this song by Paul & Storm is sooo worth the 3 mins to listen to. It's a barber shop conglomeration of about a dozen different hip-hop songs. To say the least, it's flippin' hilarious!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Milwaukee's Best Light aka Piss Water

I won't get into the debate about some beers tasting like piss water in this post. However, I will endorse MBL on this one occassion, and I'll even bet that you've seen this commercial on tv. however, i would guess that you didn't know that the guy who is crushed by the 2nd beer can is one of my oldest friends, John Jenkinson. we were in the Army together, and now he's all over tv. John was on Fear Factor two years ago during the Halloween week...AND HE WON!! he starred in a pilot for the Discovery Channel called Top Gear. plus he was in a mexican commercial for Burger King (click on the link b/c it is flipping hilarious).

just thought i'd throw out some kudos to an old Army buddy...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A new world record!!!


Monday, August 07, 2006

In the words of Blink 182...

While we were in Mexico, we were travelling to our worksite, and someone asked me how old I am. I said, "I'll be 31 next month!" To which my wife jerked her head and replied, "What did you just say???"

And I reiterated, with a hint of sarcasm, "I said, 'I'll be 31 next month!' "

To which she quickly replied, "No dear, you will be 32!!"

I don't know if you've ever had something like this happen, but it is devasting to have been telling everyone for the past year that you were a year younger than you actually thought.

Plus, to top it all off, I feel like I just lost a year of my life!! So to quote the lyrics of Blink 182, which are so quite fitting to this situation, "What's my age again??"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

In the words of Eddie Vedder...

"I'm still alive!"

The past month has been a whirlwind!! I married my sister and her husband 2 weeks ago. I lead my family and a group of 38 other people from Riverview on a mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico last week. And today, I am recovering from some sort of parasite that has personally introduced me to a close friend, FRED (Frequently Reoccuring Explosive Diarrahea). I have received visits from FRED 30+ times since last Wednesday afternoon. I went to the Dr. yesterday and had some blood work done. The Dr. said it could be something as simple as the flu, but most likely a parasite. However, she said it could even be a weird strand of Hepititis, but the blood work will tell us for sure what's going on in my belly.

I have around 500 pictures from the trip, and will post some of the best ones soon. I also have some amazing stories to tell about God and how he impacted people on the trip, but you will have to check back later to read them...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"I cannot tell a lie"

For those of you (and you know who you are) who doubted me and Dan here is the proof:

The subject of a fanciful story by an early biographer of George Washington, Mason Weems; the source of the saying “I cannot tell a lie.” According to Weems, the young Washington received a new hatchet and used it to chop down his father’s prized cherry tree. His father demanded to know how the tree had fallen. George was tempted to deny his misdeed, but then, “looking at his father with the sweet face of youth brightened with the inexpressible charm of all-conquering truth, he bravely cried out, ‘I cannot tell a lie. I did cut it with my hatchet.'"

Now all of you, be men and admit that you were wrong...


Friday, June 16, 2006

"Christian" hate groups

There is a cult of people claiming to be Christians who are going to the funnerals of our fallen brothers and sisters in the War on Terror, and holding signs with unbelievable sayings on them, and even screaming horrible things to their family and friends. This crazy woman was interviewed on Hannity & Colmes on Fox News Channel about the groups behavior.

This video is easily one of the most appalling and disgusting uses of the name of Jesus by a person or group that I've ever witnessed. This is NOT an accurate picture of the God who created the universe or who sent His son Jesus to give his life as payment for our sins!!! As a matter of a fact, I would step out on a limb and say these people aren't even Christians at all.

These people are leaving a smell of refuse and fecal matter on the name of Jesus and also on those Christians who understand the teachings of Jesus. I hope your anger toward this woman's behavior motivates those of you who love Jesus to leave a fragrant smell for His name's sake in the lives of those who don't know Him yet!

Short Night

My friend Jeremy is hosting a Short Film Night and asked me and a few others if we would promote it on our blogs so here's the info:

WHAT: We will be showing a bunch of short films that Kite and Jeremy have picked. The location is an amazing second story loft, complete with a grass lawn and deck on the roof overlooking the city. If weather permits, we are hoping to show short films on the roof at various times throughout the night.

WHEN: Friday June 30, at 6:00 NOT June 16th like the poster says!!

WHERE: 619 1/2 E. michigan Ave.
Lansing, MI

It's almost directly above 621 club, and right down the street from Clara's Restaurant. It's also by Lugnut Stadium. Come out and check it out...
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Theological musings

Tricia and I were putting the kids in bed and we got into a wonderful conversation with our kids about God, Jesus and life. The conversation included questions about dinosaur bones, hell, the creation story and even our souls.

Hailey stole the proverbial show when she (only in her unique way) stopped everyone and said, "Ok, now I have a weird question. How did God make Himself?" Then she giggled because she knew it was similar to the deep theological question that has existed as long as sarcasm has been in the heart of man: "Can God make a rock so big that even He couldn't move it?"

The minds of little ones never cease to amaze...
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